Everybody wants to have fun in life even during remote learning but how can we make that happen? Simple really, do a little of what you love. A lot of good things will naturally happen in school, family, and relationships if we spend a little more time doing the things we love.

Most of us will be craving a little of ‘what we love’ during our isolation and remote learning lessons. Doing a little of ‘what we love’ during our breaks will help us feel better, produce more and better quality work and give us the extra zip to complete our next tasks.

We could all take a lesson from our peers. Nick in Year 7 has been tapping into a little of ‘what he loves’ to help maintain his well being. To see him in action, have a look here!

So have a think about ‘what you love’ and try a little during your day. It will make a difference!

I for one have been siting back and listening to the birds, a reminder that outside of our immediate circle there is much to appreciate and take note of!



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