We’re loving our Thursday claps for the NHS but this Sunday we’d like to do a little more and we’d love you to join in.

Inspired by the initiative of boys like Zacchaeus, James and Raaghav, and brilliant forces of nature like Mrs Revell, on Sunday 26 April we’re encouraging everyone, whatever their age to take part in the 2.6 Challenge. Why then? It’s the day the 40th edition of the London Marathon would have taken place.

The challenge is to come up with some activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26  Nick Rusling, a DPL alumnus and one of the organisers of the main event, explained it like this:

“You can run or walk 2.6 miles, 2.6km or for 26 minutes. You could do the same in your home or garden, go up and down the stairs 26 times, juggle for 2.6 minutes, do a 26 minute exercise class or get 26 people on a video call and do a 26 minute workout – anything you like.”

Whatever you decide to do, we’d love to hear from you so do let us know what your planning in the comments below. And do please try to keep it within the guidelines for social distancing.

Our vulnerable members of society really do need the help of charities more than ever before at the moment, and for many of those charities, the London Marathon is their biggest fundraising day of the year. If you feel able to, do please take this chance to support a charity that is close to your heart.

As a school we will be supporting two good causes spearheaded by other brilliant alumni.

One is Harvest for Heroes.  While not a charity this initiative was set up by another old boy, Oliver Bailey. Harvest for Heroes are working to give frontline NHS staff daily, free fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and pasta at the end of their long and gruelling shifts.  (Please note that while the school believes Harvest for Heroes to be a very good cause, time constraints mean this is a crowdfunded operation and so not subject to the usual strictures on charities.)

The other is Power2Inspire . This is a charity set up around six years ago by a truly inspirational old boy, John Willis (1970). Power2Inspire’s aim is to “embed inclusive sport in the sporting, education and community landscapes”  and if you are feeling like reassurance that there are good people in the world doing great things we can strongly recommend a look. The JustGiving page for Power2Inspire is here – we know that small charities like this are particularly hard hit so anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Whatever you choose to do, whatever activity and whether as a fundraiser or not, we’d love to show all charities our support and by doing that remind our pupils of the good we can do when we do something together.

All of that said, while we hope this is a chance to go a little bit further than the Clap for NHS, you know what we’ll be doing we’ll be next Thursday at 8pm. As the children in our holiday club Scamps put it …


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  1. We are going to cycle 2.6 miles as a family for the first time; little does our three year old who has only just learnt to ride know!

  2. Our whole family are going to do the following…
    A 26 minute work out and bake and eat 26 chocolate fairy cakes

    And then I will attempt to …
    run around the quad of DPL 26 times!
    But I might eat the fairy cakes afterwards
    😉 !

    • I intend to learn 26 French verbs in the present and past tense by Sunday 26th April. I’ve already made a list and have help from a huge book of 501 French verbs!

  3. Mr Ward and I will play 26 games of swing ball (not back to back!) with Reuben during the day. I might have to get some practice matches in first so that it is not a 0-26 score to me!

  4. I’m going to put a 2.6 minute video of the history of Marathon (Greeks, Olympics and Snickers) on YouTube.

  5. A 2.6 minute plank followed by a 2.6 minute head stand.

    I’ve ‘baked’ several Betty Crocker Brownie mix packs so far and will bake another batch to bring the total to 26 brownies topped with 26 walnuts!

  6. I will be trying to bake ( and not eat!) 26 cookies and then hope to score 26 basketball hoops ( which could take 26 hours!)😉

  7. What fun, Hello to Mrs Revell and Nick. What won’t I be doing? I will be cooking a Sunday Roast in 2.6 Hrs!

    Leaver 1987

    • Hi Simon. Lovely to hear from you and delighted you are taking part in the challenge. Once restrictions have lifted we hope to have an Alumni reception so we can all meet up again. Really hoping that date can be sooner rather than later!! Take care, stay well, stay safe!!

  8. It’s Ayrton’s sister’s birthday on the 26th. It’s also his Granny’s birthday. They’ve spent every birthday together until this one, and this is the first one since Ayrton’s Grampy died in February, so Granny is completely on her own for the first time in 50 years and is very sad. We are all going to cycle 2.6 miles around Grange Lane on the 26th, apart but together, to raise money for Dorothy House Hospice, who took amazing care of Ayrton’s Grampy in his final weeks. We raised £1,200 in 24 hours and the total keeps rising!

  9. Hello Ann, Piers, Nick and Ollie,

    What a great idea and congratulations Ollie on founding Harvest for Heroes!

    On Sunday this Honorary Old Boy will attempt to cut 26 (narrow) stripes with the lawn mower on his back garden lawn, cycle 2.6 miles and donate equally to Harvest for Heroes and Sparrow Schools Foundation because Sparrow Schools in Johannesburg are predicting a big drop in income this year.

  10. I just finished my rebound catch challenge, and now I have just done 26 laps of my garden. 1 lap is about 100 metres, so I did 2.6km in total.

  11. I made a YouTube video of exactly 2.6 minutes (2 minutes 36 seconds). I will also do a pull-up that lasts 26 seconds.

    • I completed 2,600 Keepie Uppies / solos in in my garden in 26 minutes. With 2.6 children (the .6 being peppa pig toys) helping and giving me hugs throughout. 😊

  12. Sam N has done 34 bowls in 2.6 minutes and Thomas N has done 262 penguin kicks with a football in 2.6 minutes, + Mr. OB’s 26 minute workout.

  13. I did a 2.6 minute plank, jumped on the trampoline for 2.6 minutes and then ran up and down the stairs 26 times

  14. Xavier and his brother completed Mr O’Brien’s challenge this morning, then did a handstand for 2.6 mins and finally hung from a tree for 2.6 mins. He’s now taller than me… : )

    • George and Freddie M ran 26 laps around the garden with their dad and are now scoring 26 goals followed by 26 hugs!

  15. I have composed 26 bars of music on Dorico 3 with my brother and made 26 ANZAC Day cookies yesterday to eat listening to it.

    • Joseph did 26 laps around the block on his bike and Dan and Sam went on a bike ride for 26 minutes. Also did Mr OB PE session.

  16. Joshua and Joseph each ran 26 laps of the garden. A couple of breaks and some well earned refreshments at the end. Very proud of their effort!!!

  17. News just in today from a much-loved previous Head, George Marsh. He reports “I went 26 times up (and down) our stairs in Somerset to do my bit. I donated £52 to Sparrow, my number one charity.”

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