Welcome back to the Summer Term in Early Years.  Looking through all the children’s work on Seesaw, I have already spotted you being Excellent Learning animals. There are definitely lots of Linking Lions matching letter sounds to objects at home, Persevering Parrots working out mathematical doubling problems and Creating Crows designing and making colourful planets.

In Nursery, well done to Oliver for being an Enjoying Elephant and sharing your beautiful flower collage with your teacher, to Momo for being a Willing Wolf and matching letters and shapes independently and to Freddie for being a Thinking Theropod as you thought about your work on 2D shapes.

In Reception, well done to Maxime for showing us that you really are a Persevering Parrot with your sports challenges, to Noah for being a Creating Crow with the design of your planet, to William for being a Thinking Theropod as you thought through doubling numbers and to Jacob for being a Creating Crow and making such beautiful pictures.

We are all looking forward to seeing what you post on to Seesaw.



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