William in 5L has spent some time writing this song and we would like to share his wonderful  creativity with you. His words will resonate with you all, and the school values he sings about –  self-discipline, love and gratitude – shine through. Our school values have never been more important to draw on and share with others. Thank you for highlighting this William and congratulations, it is a super piece.


You – see me and

Cross to the other side…

I just hope this is

More seek than hide


But in times of lockdown

Its really hard to tell

Oh no, this isolation is a bit like hell.




Then, you see the rainbows as a start

And good people keeping 2m apart


But in times of lockdown

Lets stay safe and stay home

This is about all of us

we are one and not alone


So lets be together, you and me

Caring and loving, for all to see


From home to hospital, we are the best

Clapping for our heroes… the N..H…. S

Stay safe and stayyyyy home x 2

Stay safe!


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