Big Band hits the right notes in the National Music for Youth Competition.
‘Clear and Confident’.  ‘Tight and impressive’.  ‘Accurate and stylistic’. ‘Fantastic improvisation’.  ‘Such a strong foundation’.
Well done and congratulations to the boys in Big Band who provided a recorded audio and video entry for the National Music for Youth Competition.  Feedback has been sent through and it is clear that, once again, the Band made a very good impression on the MFY adjudicators.  Comments on all three pieces were extremely positive.  The contrasting programme was well-received and the judges were particularly impressed that the Band was pupil led and there was no conductor.  All sections of the Band received praise and there were specific comments about the soloists, including how good it was to see French Horns included.  At the time of writing there is no firm decision regarding the next stage of the Competition but, as has been the case for almost two decades, the boys have ensured that the Dulwich Prep musical flag is, once again, hoisted high in this important event.  Bravo!

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