Have you ever had a go at a lucky dip? Or enjoyed the surprise of a treat you weren’t expecting?

Why not try playing the lottery in your free time this week, letting chance decide what you should do?

  1. Write a numbered list of things you would enjoy doing, or better still, ask someone else to make the list for you – then there is even more of a surprise!
  2. Write each number on a slip of paper, making your own lottery tickets, or if you have some, you could even label ping pong balls for the draw and put them in a bowl or bag.
  3. When it is time to schedule your next break, take the lucky dip, make a selection and accept whatever challenge you get. It might be something completely unexpected but hopefully, it will still be a pleasant surprise.

To make our free time a little more exciting this week, my family made a list together and we all pulled a ticket out of the bag, setting aside a time when we would complete whatever activity fate sent our way.

Here are some of the ideas that we came up with:

  1. Make a fruit smoothie
  2. Put on a tune of your choice and dance from start to finish
  3. Sit and read a book, newspaper or magazine of your choice in peace (I wanted this one!)
  4. Chip golf balls into a pot
  5. Do a secret, kind deed for someone to discover later
  6. Create a silly trailer for a movie
  7. Make a treat (biscuit, cupcake, energy ball, fruit skewer) to share with everyone
  8. Telephone, skype or zoom someone for a chat
  9. Bob for apples (the one I actually got!)
  10. Create a treasure hunt for someone else to complete

We all accepted our lucky dip (even if we secretly wished we had picked a different one!) and had a lot of fun completing our challenges and we unanimously agreed – we will definitely write another list next week and use those tickets again!



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