Sometimes the day can get off to a difficult start, or disaster can strike unexpectedly and a good mood can evaporate, instantly.

Everyone experiences disappointment or frustration at some point and with all of the challenges we are facing at the moment, bouncing back can feel like much more of an effort than usual.

One of the biggest sacrifices we are all having to make is being separated from our loved ones, whether it is extended family or really close friends, so staying in touch, letting people know that they are in our thoughts is more important than ever. Perhaps you have had a Skype catch up recently, a family get together on Zoom, sent a text message, shared a joke with a Whats App group or picked up the phone to say hello.

I have been trying to stay in touch with my friends and family to let them know I am thinking about them and miss our time together. Sending cards in the post has made far away friends feel a little bit closer so I have sent my sister postcards made from our childhood photos and we have been laughing at the ridiculous clothes we wore and our funny expressions and my nieces have been enjoying the weekly arrival of a Fruitella…just one, each week!

But let’s not forget the people at home…

Little notes fit in almost anywhere…sock drawers, inside a favourite mug, under the remote control, wrapped around a toothbrush, even tucked into a book for someone to discover. My favourite was in the egg box – I discovered it when I went to make an omelette, days after it had been carefully hidden.

You don’t need to say a lot, it might be an apology or I love you, it might just be a silly joke, a reminder to smile, an invitation to meet up later for a biscuit, a hello, or simply, BOO!

Little notes can bring a lot of joy so give it a try this week, see if you can send or hide a little note or two of your own and watch what happens. You never know, you might find someone starts leaving them for you too!

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