Sometimes quite a lot…if you’re trying to make it out of Lego!

Looking for a mindful moment this week we upended our enormous box of Lego (some dating back to my own childhood, some distinctly reminiscent of Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine!)  and set to work.

The challenge?

      To make a large, freestanding 3D Lego version of our first initial.

It sounded simple enough and I had seen some fabulous images on-line for us to try and re-create.

Inevitably there were moments of frustration: when weak joints collapsed or creative design didn’t quite match up to reality (!) but we sat for over an hour, quietly building, improving, adding and removing until we had all finished.

There was no judging, no need to compete, it was just a bit of fun with a very satisfying outcome, as we now all have our letters standing on a shelf next to each other.

Mine is a little wobbly but I was delighted that it could stand by itself and in the end, in spite of a few heated threats, no one had to change their name!

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