It’s that time of year again when we challenge the four great Tribes to put on their aprons and show off their baking talents.

Although we won’t be able to watch with bated breath through the windows of the Cookery Suite as temperatures rise and soufflés sink, the great news this year is that we don’t have to pull names out of a hat and limit ourselves to four bakers, EVERYONE is invited to to take part!

We are looking for your SIGNATURE BAKE:

This could be a single cake, a traybake or a selection of smaller cakes or biscuits.

The theme is (of course) your Tribe, but will you use colour, decoration, flavours or all three in a bid for glory?

Photograph your winning entry and submit it to your Tribe Chief via their Showbie account:


Chippeway – QJGAN

Deerfeet – KR3FU

Mohican – 3MUR8


and may the best bake win…

Ready, steady, BAKE!


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