As a school whose values are Love, Humility, Justice, Honesty, Gratitude, Self-Discipline, Courage and Service, it is hard not to have watched the news or read the papers this week and felt utterly horrified.
At DPL we teach about Love: kindness, respect, caring, solidarity.
We learn about Humility: recognising our place in the world, how we can play our part in school but also our unique role in the bigger picture.
We believe in Justice: equality for all; our fellow pupils, our community, our society.
We celebrate Courage:  standing up for each other, for what is right and for ourselves.
We recognise Self-Discipline: the taskmaster in each of us, striving to achieve our best.
We value Honesty: the ability to admit a mistake and learn from it.
We appreciate Gratitude: to those around us for the time and trouble they take on our behalf and 
We offer Service: supporting and helping every member of our school, our community and the world beyond.

We choose to follow these values, we choose to believe in what is right and fair. Our values are at the core of everything we do and we endeavour to celebrate every individual’s heritage, ethnicity and culture. We are proud of the diverse community that makes up our family and at a time when we are separated by necessity, it is more important than ever that we stand together in support of what is right, we stand together defying ignorance and prejudice, we stand together against racism  #Black Lives Matter.


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