Dear Parents,

Next week, to help those in need, we (the Year 8 boys) are asking everyone at the Prep to try to help us complete the Seven Summits Challenge. It’s your children’s chance to take part in a Virtual Mountain Climbing Experience

Early Years and Nursery are fundraising for our local community foodbank. Years 3 to 5 are fundraising to help stop youth homelessness. Years 6 to 8 are fundraising to help everyone at King’s College Hospital.

The PE department are helping out, we have staff putting on their crampons and all your children will need is some time, some stairs or a step, and some courage!

More information is below. For each challenge, if you want to work out how many steps it involves there is a site to help you here:

If you can help support our cause and spread the word we would be very grateful.

Thank you!

Year 8.

Section / Year Mountain Charity & Fundraising Page
Early Years and Pre-Prep Carstensz Pyramid

(Highest in Australasia)

Paxton Green Time Bank

This charity is right on our doorstep and helps the elderly and vulnerable in our immediate community with food parcels, deliveries of medicine and other vital services.

Early Years’ and Pre-Prep’s fundraising page is here:


Year 3 Mount Vinson

(Highest in Antarctica)


Youth homelessness is not a new problem but the crisis is pushing lots of young people between 16 and 25 on to the streets. Centrepoint is the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

Year 3,4 and 5’s fundraising page is here:

[Update: if the above link does not work, please try this:]

Year 4 Mount Elbrus
(Highest in Europe)
Year 5 Mount Kilimanjaro
(Highest in Africa)
Year 6 Mount McKinley
(Highest in North America)
NHS (King’s College Hospital)

Even though lockdown seems to be lifting, our doctors, nurses and other NHS staff are still working incredibly hard and the Hospital Heroes appeal is to help them.

Year 6, 7 and 8’s fundraising page is here:

Year 7 Mount Aconcagua
(Highest in South America)
Year 8 Mount Everest
(Highest in Asia)



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  1. Great stuff. The Year 8 are climbing Mount Everest. Xavier ran up and down our stairs (19 steps) 25 times. How can he record that?

  2. Great Job! Kit logged 800 steps yesterday… and persuaded the Big Brothers George and Teddy to do the same for Year 5’ s climb!

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