The boys have been exploring shape, space and measure this week. They’ve been looking at symmetry, […]
All of the boys in Lower School have been exploring angles today. Some have been classifying […]
There have been so many wonderful pyramids created by our industrious Year 3 boys this week, […]
The boys have been exploring texture, shape and form using paper. Here are a few of […]
Year 4 have been exploring this very question as they begin their new topic, Ancient Greece. […]
Year 4 have been working on interview questions this week.  They have been thinking about what […]
Today Year 4 have been looking at Science Fiction and creating comic strips.
With many now flocking to garden centres Saul has picked the perfect time to luanch is […]
Lower School boys are working extremely hard to focus on their learning and pay attention to […]
Year 4 have been researching plants and this is a wonderful example of someone who tackled […]