Welcome to the Year 8 section where you will find links to the academic, pastoral and wellbeing aspects of school life for your son. As always we are here to help if you cannot find what you need, want to share something great or simply ask a question.

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English + Maths
Pastoral & Wellbeing
Other Academic (Science, MFL, Humanities)

Targets each week

We’ve adjusted our timetable to help the children to prepare best for their senior schools. For those that have done exams already, this means more focus on a breadth of learning, whilst for those still potentially with exams ahead, this means more focus on those subjects.

On the left you can see a chart with how many hours approximately per week this is in total, as well as the % of each week spent working on each of these areas.

This is a very similar balance to what the children usually have in school, with a bit of adjustment to make the volume of work more manageable at home.

For the present time, Year 8 Day School classes have more Revision slots. We will update these as the secondary schools’ adjusted exam routes become clear.

A few things to remember

It can be difficult learning from home. Try to remember the following.


Things will be different from a normal school day but the more regular you make your routine, the easier it will be

Fresh Air

We’re trying to balance things so you don’t spend all day in front of a screen. Remember to go outside!


Don’t do everything by text. You’ll be amazed how much chatting over the phone or videochats can help.

We’re here

Your teachers are all still here for you. We think you’re amazing, so if you need any help at all, let us know!

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