All of the boys in Lower School have been exploring angles today. Some have been classifying […]
There have been so many wonderful pyramids created by our industrious Year 3 boys this week, […]
This piece of writing in Year 3 caught his teacher’s eye. She was so impressed with […]
Year 3 boys have shown fantastic research skills and then presented their knowledge with such care. […]
In Year 5 the boys have been set a DT task to design and produce planters. […]
Sometimes quite a lot…if you’re trying to make it out of Lego! Looking for a mindful […]
We might not be sharing the same space at the moment but we working together. It […]
B9D631B6-E0F9-4A54-942B-5F3A132EE15A We might have a new HIT trainer on our hands?
Boys have been exploring place value within decimals. What a great example of our Excellent Learning […]